I’m speaking at Tejas Foco 2015

Have I mentioned that I’m giving a presentation on Saturday? The NACCS Tejas Foco 2015 will be held from Thursday, February 26, 2015 to Saturday, February 28, 2015. I’m speaking in Saturday at 9 a.m.

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#EngageHispanics — Diversity Within Diversity: Tapping The Many Hispanic Markets

Having trouble viewing this Storify recap? Visit the original: https://storify.com/SandraSays/engagehispanic.

#BlogElevated on February 24, 2015

If you have trouble viewing this Storify recap, visit the original: https://storify.com/SandraSays/blogelevated-on-february-24-2015.

This Week in Blogs: February 22

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

Texas’ favorite food” is Tex-Mex food (Hispanic Houston).

You can “Salvage leftover wine by making Sangria” (Her Bayou City).

Did you know that outlet shops have online sites too? I give you a few sites to try in “Online Outlets to Shop” (Her Bayou City).

Read about another journalist making the transition to digital in “Caitilin Espinosa’s YouTube channel” (Hispanic Houston).

This app donates money to charity for your daily run” (Hispanic Houston).

This Week in Blogs: February 15

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

Get acquainted with the “Houston-area Speed Traps” (Hispanic Houston) without getting a ticket first.

I share some suggestions on parenting books (from an article) in “Parenting Books You Must Read” (Not Just for Teacher).

It turns out I didn’t know what the richest neighborhood in Houston is; “Houston 77010, home of the rich” (Hispanic Houston).

Cauliflower is the featured ingredient in “Cheap Dinner Ideas” (Her Bayou City).

Find some resources to expand your e-book collection in “Best Free E-book Sites” (Hispanic Houston).

I find an article (and share it) with some interesting recipes in “Cheap Dinner Ideas” (Her Bayou City).

Want to make sure you have time to cook, even with your very busy schedule? Check out “Productivity Tip: Precook the Week’s Meals” (Her Bayou City).

And a few events on Hispanic Houston:

This Week in Blogs: February 8

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

Minerva Perez launches book, ‘I Gotta Story’” (Hispanic Houston).

Even though we’ll never need the info in Houston, “What To Do If Your Car Is Stuck In A Snow Storm” (Hispanic Houston).

Prospective artists are encouraged to enter the “Tejano Conjunto Festival Poster Contest” (Hispanic Houston).

Video Pick: 5 Essential Tools for Great Hair – Martha Stewart – YouTube” (Her Bayou City).

Audio Pick — ‘Cable Television: To Cut the Cord or Not to Cut the Cord by Houston Matters, SoundCloud’” covers the topic of whether you should cut your cable now (Hispanic Houston).

I give a suggested resource in “Apps to make reading in the classroom a fun activity” (Not Just for Teachers).

Find out what Texans prefer in “Meet Texas’ most popular burger joint” (Hispanic Houston).

Find out how many Oscar nominations “Birdman” got for Latinos in “‘Birdman’ and Latinos in the Oscars” (Hispanic Houston).

Book suggestions in young adult reading for you, and your teen, in “Young Adult books with good female characters” (Her Bayou City).

And a few events on Hispanic Houston:

This Week in Blogs — February 1

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

In Her Bayou City, we have “Video Pick: How to Mix a Classic Greek Salad – Martha Stewart – YouTube” with a recipe that’s simple enough I may actually make it.

I spotlight the current Houston Grand Opera performance in “Audio Pick: Ana María Martínez Sings Madame Butterfly at HGO by HPM Arts & Culture, SoundCloud” (Hispanic Houston).

Check out “Houston’s Best Tex-Mex restaurants” for some old favorites that are still making the “top of” lists (Hispanic Houston).

For those of you looking to make a trip, check out “HPD Tips Protect Your Home” (Hispanic Houston).

I performed a 10-second audio experiment in “Easy podcasting with SoundCloud” (SandraSays).

Julep’s Alba Huerta is one of the best, Food & Wine” spotlighting one of Houston’s mixologists as one of the best in the country.

And a few events from Hispanic Houston:


Easy podcasting with SoundCloud

Podcaster extraordinaire Jennifer Navarrete has been encouraging me to start podcasting for years now. Whenever we are in the same offline place, I usually end up doing an impromptu interview with her through which she shows me the new and easy way she’s podcasting.

The last time we had this conversation was at the Blog Elevated conference, where she showed me how to use SoundCloud on my smartphone to record and upload a one-take podcast. And then I didn’t do it. Again.

Tonight I passed along her recommendation to other friends, posting the attached sound clip from the convenience of Taqueria Arandas and showing off how easy it actually is.

And now I’m thinking… maybe I need to actually listen to my friend Jennifer and record more… the desire is there. Let’s see if I follow through.


Image source: Baohm / Pixabay

This Week in Blogs: January 25

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

I actually posted content to Sandra Says this week, with “Social Media Conferences in February.”

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I posted “Video Pick: Heart-Shapped Cupcake Toppers” in Hispanic Houston.

More photos from my Stock Photo series, “Stock Photos: Gourmet Burgers,” on Going Social Houston.

I’ve started adding content, again, on a few of my “to start soon” projects. And so I have “Video Pick: ‘News Update 1.23.15 – YouTube’” (in Around Pearland) and “Video Pick: Love Letter Garland – YouTube” (in Her Bayou City).

And a few event listings:

Social Media Conferences in 2015

BloggingLatina Bloggers Connect has a great list of Social Media Conferences that spans the entire year of 2015. Want to schedule out your year? Then you absolutely need to check out this list.

And, by the way, they publish the list every year in December, so you can check back to find next year’s list took.

Here are a few highlights:

Do you have any to add?

* * *

SOURCE: 2015 Social Media Conferences || Latina Bloggers Connect

Image source: PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay